“Faro” views walk

Good views, tradition and culture in a half-day walking tour. This is what the “Faro” views walk offers, taking you through a number of towns of the Boí Valley.

And what are faros? During the Falles de la Vall celebration the faros are the places where the fallaires, or torch bearers, burn a black pine, planted weeks prior, and begin to descend to the towns carrying the falles, a kind of torch, on their backs.

The route begins in Boí and passes along the Pago trail towards Durro, finally going down to Barruera stopping by the respective faros of each town.

The Falles festival declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is held in the Boí Valley from mid-June to the end of July.

When: Mornings from 9h to 13.30h. Afternoons from 15.30h to 19.30h

Organized by: Boí Valley Tourism Board

Pg. Sant Feliu, 43

25527 Barruera

Tel. + 34 973 694 000

Main image: ©“Between Faros” itinerary of the Boí Valley.