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Which creatures of legend are hidden inside each family tourist destination in Catalonia?

The Snake of Castell – Platja d’Aro

Legend has it that in Castell – Platja d’Aro there lived a huge snake that carried a precious stone in its mouth that it had found in the depths of the sea. This very bright jewel gave him vitality and longevity. The snake used to go down every day from Fanals (the mountainous part of Platja d’Aro) to the beach to swim, but before entering the water, being a very distrustful snake, he always hid the jewel in the sand so as not to lose it. One day, the rich heir of the town, who was very cunning, took advantage of the moment that he saw the snake having a swim to steal his most precious treasure. The snake, realising it, went to look for him at his castle. Enraged, he began to hit the castle with his tail until it collapsed, burying all the castle’s inhabitants inside. The heir however had already fled with the jewel. Since then, no one has ever seen the snake again.

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