Mercado de Sant Antoni


Barcelona is a city of markets. There are a total of 39 markets dotting the city and each has a distinct personality. They are the standard-bearers of top quality fresh products and offer a fascinating array of options for you to try them in Catalan recipes. Standing, sitting atop a bar stool, or even in a restaurant in some cases, don't miss the opportunity to try the market cuisine. They make an authentic delicatessen of the day's fresh products.

Three markets in one

One of the most important is the Sant Antoni market. Originally it was an outdoor market located in the Southern access of the walled city of Barcelona, specifically in Saint Anthony's gate. Hence its name. In addition to its fresh food, there is an outdoor fashion, textiles and home decor market and also a Sunday book market.

Healthy foods, local produce and a friendly environment are the three keys that make these markets an essential part of the city's lifestyle.