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Walk the Via Verda of La Terra Alta with children

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Between the steep nature of the Serra de Pàndols and that of Cavalls, there is an old railway route.

This road was supposed to connect Aragon with Tortosa to provide an outlet to the sea, but the project was never completed and fell into disuse. For years, the route has undergone a regeneration to create the Via Verda of La Terra Alta, an easy route to cycle with children.

The Montsport team recommends that you walk the section of the Via Verda that starts in Horta de Sant Joan and goes all the way to Pinell de Brai with the family. They will then leave the bikes there – they have child seats and family bikes – and the helmets.

The route is around 20 kilometres of downhill which can be completed in about two hours, depending on your pace and the stops you want to make, and is well signposted.

Much of the cycling stage will run alongside the Canaleta river, alternating passing through tunnels and viaducts, and you will have spectacular views of the area.

When you arrive in Pinell de Brai you will be picked up by a transport from Montsport that will return you to the departure point. You can see that the activity has all the facilities to do it as a family.

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When: all year

Where: Horta de Sant Joan

Organised by: Montsport