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Sheep grazing in the Catalan Pyrenees

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Shepherding is one of the most deeply-rooted professions in La Vall d’Àssua. To find out how shepherds live and work today, the Ecomuseu dels Pastors offers you many family activities.

Here you will discover what it means to be a shepherd, what vocabulary they use, such as the word aviar, which means to graze. You will also get to know the characteristics of the xisqueta sheep, a native breed of the Catalan Pyrenees.

The Vall d’Àssua Ecomuseu dels Pastors offers you various activities depending on the season. You can, for example, go out grazing with the shepherds in the “Aviem lo bestiar” (Let’s take them out to graze) activity and discover how the sheep’s wool is used through the “Estirem lo fil” (Let’s pull the yarn) workshops.

You will visit the meadows of dall, habitats with a rich biodiversity of plants and insects where the sheep graze, and you will get to know stories that have been inspired by the landscapes of the Pallars.

Ready to go out and try your hand at shepherding?

When: all year

Where:  Ecomuseu dels Pastors

Organised by: Pirineus – Noguera Pallaresa