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Permanent Orienteering Circuit in Calella

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The Calella Permanent Orienteering Circuit is a great way to discover the town and its surroundings in a fun and exhilarating way. The control points around the circuit are beacons or landmarks numbered with a letter code and represented on the map with circles.

On the map you can see a total of 25 points, which you can do in any order you want. We suggest two circuits, designed with different technical, physical and orienteering knowledge levels in mind.

The GREEN Circuit, with 15 control points, 5.5 kilometres and 70 metres of ascent; and the BLUE Circuit with 25 control points, 11 kilometres and 215 metres of ascent.

Below you can download the maps, which are also available at the Tourist Office: Mapa-Circuit-Orientacio-Calella

When: all year

Where: all around the city of Calella

Organised by: Calella Tourist Office