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Explore volcanoes with a segway in the Vall d’en Bas – Les Preses

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It’s fun, practical and you control it with your body movements. Is there any doubt that this is going to be a very appealing option for your children? Surely not!

Let’s talk about the segway, this electric vehicle that works by shifting the weight of the body. Naturatours has a whole fleet of them for your family to explore the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, along various routes.

One of the routes starts from the historic town of Santa Pau and will go past at least five of the 15 volcanoes in the natural park. During the guided tour, you can hear a description of each volcano, the year it erupted, the colour of the lava and the shape of its crater among other things.

You will also visit traditional peasant houses that still preserve agricultural activity, such as a Limousine cattle farm, and the iconic bean fields of the region, which have a Protected Designation of Origin.

Segway tours are adapted to your needs. You have four different durations available, ranging from the shortest of 1 hour, up to 3 hours. Driving the segway is simple, you will do a short practice before you start.

When: spring and summer

Where: Santa Pau

Organised by: Naturatours