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Enjoy a wild day out at La Manreana

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Can you imagine spending a day surrounded by farm animals and wildlife? La Manreana offers you the change to enjoy a very animal-friendly day with the family. This school farm and family theme park has a vegetable garden, a farm with all kinds of animals and a nature and wildlife centre called Vimferri.

During the day you will walk around the grounds, getting to know all the animals. You mustn’t forget that when you approach the wild animals’ area you must be quiet and calm so as not to scare them. After getting to know the animals, you can have fun finding your way out of the park’s wooden maze or have a ride on a pony.

La Manreana organises dramatised visits to the site every weekend, which is included with the entrance fee. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a fun and educational experience at the same time!ç

When: spring and summer

Where: Juneda

Organised by: La Manreana

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