A unique mountain in the world

Come discover the spectacular Cardona Salt Mountain two kilometres in depth. It will be like entering a cave to discover a lost treasure. You will descend 86 m to then make your way in through passages that have been open since 1997.

Here you can see the different folds and veins of the site: they are spectacular, as is the diversity of minerals. If you come with children, don’t miss the theatrical tour where the Bartomeu siblings will show them the discovery of a new mineral: a stone that will change the history of mankind. Once on the surface, you will learn all about the history of salt exploitation in the Salt Valley of Cardona, strolling through the mining facilities.

Cardona Salt Mountain

Cardona Salt Mountain

When: Year-round

Where: Salt Mountain Cultural Park

Carretera de la Mina s/n

08261 Cardona

Tel. +34 938 692 475

Organized by: Cardona Tourism Office

Avinguda del Rastrillo, s/n

08261 Cardona

Tel. +34 938 692 798