Towers Ahoy!

Journey into Santa Susanna’s past with the “Torres a la vista!” (Towers Ahoy!) guided tour. From 15th to 18th century the Catalan coast was under attack by the pirates that sailed the Mediterranean. To protect themselves and prevent attacks, the inhabitants of this town built enormous towers and fortified the houses where they lived.

During the visit you can see the towers that still stand and also round out the day of culture by visiting the paintings of the church painted on canvas with a layer of gold and Masia Can Ratés, a manor house from the 17th century with a watchtower. Lastly, do a tasting of local products at the Santa Susanna agricultural cooperative.

Torres a la vista! (Santa Susanna)

Santa Susanna

When: Year-round

Organized by: Santa Susanna Tourism Office

Av. del Mar

08398 Santa Susanna (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 937 679 008