The weight of gravity: history is present at Miravet

Miravet is a town that seems to defy the law of gravity. It was built on an abrupt hill in the middle of the Ebro’s meander, a privileged vantage point that has become one of the prettiest villages of the Terres de l’Ebre. We invite you to take a walk through the living history of Miravet.

The historical center of Miravet is a group of houses that hang over the river and climb up the mountain and cliffs. This guided tour starts right from the heart, in the main square –free for children under seven–.

Among the typical porch-covered streets, old houses, beautiful nooks and great views of the river and its vegetation, the biography of the town’s most difficult moments were written. On the houses on Riu Street, you’ll see plaques commemorating the flooding of the river in 1907 that left the town completely devastated. In Miravet, history is present.

The effects of the Battle of the Ebre

The town was also a direct witness to one of the bloodiest episodes of the civil war, the Battle of the Ebre. The effects can still be seen in numerous destroyed and abandoned homes. When you look, you can almost hear the echo of the artillery. The Old Church in the center of the town deserves a visit. It is a Renaissance temple built between the XVI and XVII century by the Order of the Hospital. Did you know it was built on top of a Muslim mosque?

Spectacular views of the area

There is still another even more spectacular historical building in Miravet, the Templar castle from the XII-XI centuries. It is an imposing fort surrounded by a 25-meter-high wall that looks like it’s coming out of the rocks and located even higher than the town. It was conquered in 1153 by Ramon Berenguer IV who gave it to the order of the Temple. This is where the name Templar comes from; they were knights and priests at the same time, who took the arms from the XII century to protect the Christians who were making pilgrimage to the Holy Land. From the diverse terraces of the castle, you have spectacular views of the area.

Got your camera ready?

Miravet Castle (guided tour): Guided tour of the town, Old Church, and Templar castle of Miravet

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Other experiences in Catalonia

Pinell de Brai, cathedral of wine... and gastronomy

Pinell de Brai, cathedral of wine... and gastronomy

The visit to the Celler Cooperatiu de Pinell de Brai is a must-see. Look closely at the façade, with the glazed ceramic frieze and discover the secrets of an architectural design made to encourage wine production that has turned it into one of Catalonia’s cathedrals of wine. After the visit, you will be served four wine from the cellar DO Terra Alta and a taste of virgin olive oil, as well as a selection of cold cuts. And then, it’s time for the truth. The team from the Hotel Villa Retiro (Xerta), awarded with a Michelin star, will prepare lunch for you to eat in the same winery.

A toast at the LaFou Celler

A toast at the LaFou Celler

Its red wines and Grenache whites has made it one of the standards of the DO Terra Alta. In 2007, Ramon Roqueta started the Batea LaFou Celler. It’s located in Casa Figueras, a building from the XVIII century in the middle of the town, a former oil mill. The Roqueta family has refurbished it into modern wine facilities. You can visit the cellar through reservation and taste its wines, like the Els Amelers, a strong white with citrus notes that the prestigious Guía Peñín Guide gave 92 points.

Flatbread with cherries


The cherry is the star fruit of Miravet, so it is logical that one of its most popular recipes would be flatbread with cherries, ideal to sweeten up any meal.

In a bowl, mix one egg, 5 cl of oil, mistelle and yeast reduced with a little water. Add the flour and mix until it becomes a smooth paste. Then cover and let it sit until it doubles in size. Take this time to heat the oven to a medium temperature. A half hour later, take a baking tray, smear it with butter, put the dough on top and flatten it until the edges are one inch thick. Place the cherries close together on top, before giving it the final touch: pour sugar over it. After, put the bread in the oven until it’s cooked.


  • 1 kg of cherries
  • 300 g of flour
  • 1 pouch of dry yeast
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 5 cl and a splash of oil
  • 5 cl of mistelle
  • 5 g of compressed yeast
  • 1 egg
  • Water