The DO Terra Alta Wine Route

Wherever you look, there are vineyards in the DO Terra Alta region, especially in the central area, between 350 and 550 metres above sea level, with hillside terraces and row plots that alternate with flat vineyards and those at the bottom of the valleys, forming a colourful mosaic of plots, slopes and orientations. The other differentiating factor of this wine-cultivation land in Catalonia is its commitment to the Grenache grape variety. The region is the temple of white Grenache, to the point of creating the distinctive “Terra Alta White Grenache”, reserved exclusively for white wines made with 100% white Grenache.

Its commitment to the production of great varietal wines in addition to Grenache – the Carignan variety for example – is one of the keys to its success. Another is its willingness to adopt new production methods that combine innovation with tradition.

The result has been to put the DO Terra Alta on the international wine map, making it one of the most dynamic wine regions in the country, one which is constantly striving for excellence and the production of wines that reflect the character of this inland region.

The Wine Cathedrals of Terra Alta

Following the DO Terra Alta Wine Route, you can enter this oenological universe that includes wine-tasting events and visits to wineries, wine therapy sessions, cultural experiences, field visits, fairs and popular wine-based festivals as well as all kinds of activities with wines and vineyards as its key ingredients.

The star attractions are the “Wine Cathedrals” of Gandesa and Pinell de Brai, wineries designed by Cèsar Martinell, a disciple of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí. Both of these buildings are, without a doubt, excellent examples of modernist agrarian architecture that can be found in Catalonia.

More active wine tourists can walk the Terra Alta Greenway. It is an old railway line converted into a cycle route that connects the former Arnes and Pinell de Brai stations and crosses the Pàndols and Cavalls mountain ranges, with the Canaleta river guiding the way.