The Jones family’s eco-tourist holiday

The Jones family decides to set up base camp at the La Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda rural B&B on the Costa Brava. They have arranged this getaway so the kids can have fun in nature. They plan to do a number of ecotourism activities: a kayak trip along the Fluvià River to do some birdwatching, strolling along stretches of the coastal paths, etc.

They have set aside the first day for a guided activity to explore the Vall d’en Bas. It is an orienteering circuit in which a nature guide will teach them how to use a compass and interpret a map. They set off first thing in the morning and walk iconic places such as the picturesque village of Hostalets d’en Bas, the headwaters of the Fluvià and the old Camí Ral. The guide shows them this unspoilt environment featuring unique forests, spectacular cliffs, waterfalls and valleys while paying close attention to the forest’s vegetation and wildlife. The guide gives careful educational explanations so that the kids can also understand them. The activity is a complete and rewarding connection with nature. 

Welcome to your Catalonia, the Jones family.

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