The DO Penedès Wine Route

The DO Penedès is a historical landmark of Catalan wine. It is one of the great wine designations in Catalonia, a leader in the production, marketing and export of wines. The region is home to a varied landscape, with vineyards that extend inland and to the sea, marked by architectural treasures, which unfold as you travel along the DO Penedès Wine Route.

Archaeological research has shown that the people who lived in this region two thousand years ago, before the Romans arrived, knew how to make wine. The Romans, however, played a major role in consolidating the area as an outstanding wine region. They used the Via Augusta to export wine from here to all parts of the Empire, and even to Mauritania.

A Wide and Diversified Range of Wine Tourism

The DO Penedès region is dynamic and welcoming in many ways; it has a wide and varied range of attractions, including wine tourism. The nearly two hundred wineries registered in the DO Penedès region offer lovers of wine culture a wonderful opportunity to do wine tourism. The region is easy to get to and less than an hour from the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona. From the large expanses of vineyards on the inland plain to the mountain vineyards of the surrounding area up to the Garraf Massif that overlooks the Mediterranean and with the grand backdrop of Montserrat to the north, its scale is overwhelming.

Along the DO Penedès Wine Route you will find everything for the curious wine tourist: walking and cycling routes through the vineyards, visits to wineries that are architectural wonders, grape-picking activities to do with children, food and wine pairings and hundreds of ideas to learn all about the region’s geography, nature, culture and history.