The DO Empordà Wine Route

The Costa Brava was Catalonia’s gateway to the vine. Vine cultivation and wine production first reached Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula through the Greek colony of Empúries, towards the 6th century BC, brought by Phoenician and Greek merchants. A few centuries later, the Romans took up the baton while maintaining the prestige of Emporiae wines and selling them throughout the Mediterranean, taking advantage of their quality and the strategic location of the area. The DO Empordà Wine Route takes you on a journey through this tradition.

Similarly, this wine route brings you closer to the land of Salvador Dalí and Josep Pla, a region in which a great historical, cultural and landscape heritage is concentrated, with many charming rural farmhouses and hotels, and a gastronomic creativity renowned worldwide, with famous chefs such as Ferran Adrià and the Roca brothers.

Enjoy the Landscape and Wines of the DO Empordà

In the last twenty years, with an awareness of the need to preserve this wine legacy, young producers have written a new chapter in the Empordà wine sector’s success story. Well-qualified and ambitious, with a sound knowledge of the Empordà terroir, they are the common thread of exciting companies who proudly present their wines to visitors, explaining how they work and showing them their products, which have won awards, widespread recognition and positive reviews.

Wineries and companies related to the world of wine of the DO Empordà offer you an attractive range of wine tourism options which make the most of the beautiful countryside, an excellent range of services and the iconic Costa Brava. You will find activities such as oenokayaking, a kayak route along the coast that concludes with a tasting of local wines. You can also have wine tastings on board a sailing boat, or wellness plans which include wine therapy treatments to enjoy the grapes’ regenerating and antioxidant properties. The DO Empordà Wine Route immerses you in this universe.