The DO Costers del Segre Wine Route

Following the DO Costers del Segre Wine Route through this rich and diverse wine-producing land, it’s hard to imagine that it almost disappeared when the phylloxera blight occurred at the end of the 19th century. Without a doubt, this would have been the case if it hadn’t been for the work of visionaries such as Manuel Raventós, the successful wine producer of the Raimat Winery, who was the leading spirit of the rebirth of viticulture in this region of inland Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century.

The DO Costers del Segre extends over a very wide area, with 4,172 hectares of vineyards which go from the lands of the Plana de Lleida to the mountains that lead to the Pre-Pyrenees, with vineyards cultivated at an altitude of around 1,000 metres, where some magnificent high-altitude wines are made.

The character of the DO Costers del Segre wines comes mainly from the nature of each area and an inland climate which is relatively unaffected by the sea. In fact, it is the Catalan DO which is located farthest away from the sea. Extensive exposure to the sun, contrasting temperatures and low rainfall, offset by the winter mists that envelop the white landscape, provide an ideal environment for grape ripening, whether they be native varieties such as Grenache, Trepat, Macabeu and Parellada, or imported ones such as the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay.

An Oenological Adventure in Inland Catalonia

Knowing the oenological world of the DO Costers del Segre is an adventure in itself and an opportunity to explore a beautiful part of Catalonia, the Lands of Lleida, its gastronomy, its landscape and its cultural heritage. For example, the Lleida Wine Route brings together various sustainable wine tourism experiences, such as farmers’ breakfasts in the midst of vineyards, themed guided tours or even trail running races.

In Terres de Lleida you can also complement the visit to wineries with some very attractive cultural plans, or by discovering some of the local products of the region. Among the many activities you can enjoy is the Oil Route, an itinerary that connects some thirty towns in the counties of Les Garrigues, Urgell, Noguera and Segrià dedicated to the production of olive oil, and which comprise the protected designation of origin of Les Garrigues. In addition, many wineries organise activities that combine wine and olive oil tourism.