Take a leap: canyoning with the family in Sant Aniol

Fun. Different. Daring. Words to make any break a smash hit with your kids. Making them come true is easy with a day of canyoning in the Catalan Pyrenees, a different way for the family’s youngest members to get in touch with nature.

Sadernes, in the midst of the L’Alta Garrotxa Area of Natural Interest, hides a great spot for your first leap into the world of canyons: Els Estrets de Sant Aniol. Indeed, canyoning experts commonly describe it as a ‘family canyon’.

For anyone aged seven or over

With its turquoise waters, this is a beautiful starter canyon and perfect for a family outing, as anyone aged seven or more can descend it. All the more so when under the watchful eye of an expert guide, who’ll provide you with your gear, explain abseiling techniques and show how to make technical jumps in complete safety. There’ll be more than three hours of activity without a break, starting with a two-metre jump and, later on, leaps from seven metres high. Impressive stuff, right? All it takes is a dash of daring.

You take home an unforgettable experience, not to mention a photographic record of your adventure, provided by the organisers when you’ve finished. Make space in your family album for a fun day out in the country.

Sant Aniol

A family day out of canyoning in Sant Aniol (for beginners)

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Other experiences in Catalonia

La Garrotxa on a plate

La Garrotxa on a plate

There have been no volcanic eruptions in La Garrotxa for as long as anyone can remember. These days, however, it sees constant eruptions of flavour. Who’s to blame? The members of the organisation Cuina Volcànica (Volcanic Cuisine) who—for more that 20 years now—have been promoting the area’s traditional cuisine, suffused with a creative, modern touch. Mini-volcano of white chocolate with dairy ice cream and beech forest strawberry, toast with tapenade, beech forest leek and chicken… the dishes they prepare will delight your palate and are based around local produce from Catalonia’s land of fire. Come to one of the association’s nine restaurants and savour the classic flavours of La Garrotxa.

La Fageda: dairy products with a heart

La Fageda: dairy products with a heart

In addition to making dairy products, it offers a chance for integration. Since its it was founded in 1982, cooperative La Fageda has been helping the mentally handicapped and ill to join the job market. See their work for yourself at farm Mas Els Casals, located in the heart of the La Fageda d’en Jordà beech forest in The Volcanic Region of La Garrotxa Natural Park. Check out the cows and calves (there are more than 400 of them), the milking shed, the outside of the dairy plant, and finish off with a tasting of some of its products. Food with a heart leaves a great taste in your mouth, doesn't it?

Crunchy pigs’ trotters with turnip and sweet potato julienne chips


Simmer the pigs’ trotters with the bay leaves, onion and one leek for three hours. Whilst the trotters are still warm, remove the bones and clean. Wrap the boned trotters in cling film in compact cylindrical packages and leave to chill in the fridge. Next, cut the remaining leek and the turnips into julienne strips and fry in a pan in a little oil. Remove when golden. In another frying pan, add the oil and chopped black garlic, fry until golden and then set aside.

Then, take the trotter cylinders from the fridge, remove the cling film and cut into finger-thick slices, season with salt and pepper and coat with the almond flour. In the frying pan in which you had fried the garlic, gently sauté the trotters until golden. Lastly, arrange on a plate, accompany with the turnip and leek julienne chips and decorate with the cream of balsamic vinegar.


  • 2 pigs’ trotters, cut in half
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 leeks (1 for simmering and the other to make the chips)
  • 2/3 turnips
  • 1 black garlic
  • 50g almond flour
  • Cream of balsamic vinegar
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper