Stage one: the majesty of Cardona

The contestants, Carles and Sofía, meet at the gates of the mighty Cardona Castle, a monumental ensemble with centuries of history and more than one mystery to be solved. Here begins their Grand Tour, as well as yours, an adventure with impressive fortresses, caves from another planet and some of the most beautiful streets in Catalonia to find Gaudí’s plans. Are you ready to enter Cardona?

The history on the castle walls

This mediaeval military fortress was built more than 2,500 years ago and later became the residence of the lords of Cardona. Among other jewels, it boasts the Romanesque Collegiate Church of Sant Vicenç, one of the first Catalan examples of this artistic movement. To get inside involves re-enacting battles and solving the riddles hidden behind its impregnable walls. Guided and theatrical tours will open the gates to this magical legacy.

A grotto covered in white

The shining stalactites and rock formations seem like those of a glacier. However, this place doesn’t house ice. The spectacular Cardona Salt Mountain goes down two kilometres and is full of shapes and textures eroded by the rain and carved in salt. Tour these dreamlike caves and discover one of the most important potassium salt mines in the world.

The heart of Cardona

The old quarter of the town was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest in 1992. In its streets you can breathe the origins of the town, a small burgh built around the market that was held at the foot of the mountain on which the castle is built. The starting point for visiting the old town is the Mediaeval Cardona Centre, which offers guided tours. And one recommendation: visit the Mediaeval Fair held in its streets in June.

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