Stage four: a passion for gastronomy in Vic

The next stage of the Grand Tour of Catalonia leads us to Osona. In the centre of a great plain lies Vic, the county capital, with a whole gourmet world waiting to be explored. Sofía and Carles will explore it with the finest mentor, Nandu Jubany, who will guide them through this culinary adventure that starts in the market and ends in Can Jubany, one of the 52 restaurants with a Michelin star in Catalonia.

Life on all four sides of the Main Square

Before beginning to savour the gastronomy of the region, you must discover its essence. And this can undoubtedly be felt in the Main Square in Vic. It’s the heart of the city and the place where everything happens, from the most important celebrations to the market, held every Tuesday and Saturday. If you go there you’ll wander for hours around the wide variety of stalls and you’ll be seduced by the craft and seasonal products.

The city hides authentic treasures

If you walk on for a few minutes you’ll stand before Vic Cathedral, located in the lower part of the old quarter. Its three doorways under the central rose window form the entrance to spacious naves adorned with mural paintings by Josep Maria Sert, a wonder to behold. The route then continues from the Episcopal Museum to the spectacular Roman Temple. Eight pillars support this relic of the 1st century on top of the steps. When you visit it, you’ll travel back in time and be transported to the Roman town of Ausa, where the temple was built. Admission is free from Tuesday to Sunday.

A culinary tradition that will make you want to lick your fingers

Walking around Vic will whet anyone’s appetite. Its gastronomy is renowned for its fuet cold sausage, its most famous but not its only product. The other cold pork meats, black truffles, Vic onions, mushrooms and buffet potatoes are more examples of its fine food products. This passion for food has led to the creation of first-class restaurants like Can Jubany, an old farmhouse that is a venue for exceptional gastronomic experiences based on traditional Catalan cooking.

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