Stage five: a bird’s-eye view of the plain of Vic

Having discovered the town by land, it’s now time to view it from another perspective. The next test on the Grand Tour takes the contestants, Sofía and Carles, up in a hot-air balloon to fly over the county of Osona. From the sky, they’ll be able to see the nooks and crannies of Vic’s old quarter, the fields with crops and the forests, and make out the high mountains that surround the valley in the distance. Are you ready to fly through the clouds?

A hair-raising experience

The geographical features of the plain of Vic make it one of the best locations in Catalonia for flying in a hot-air balloon. From above you can see the layout of the streets in Vic and landmarks such as the Main Square and the Cathedral. The wind will blow you on to the plain and, on a clear day, you’ll see the Pre-Pyrenees, Montserrat, Pedraforca and even the sea.

Where the plain becomes a mountain range

The landscape changes as you progress on this trip through the air. The Guilleries Massif and the natural area surrounding it will appear as you leave the town behind. At the foot of the range you’ll see the beautiful elongated reservoir of Sau, which conceals the ruins of the old town of San Román de Sau under its waters. The reservoir was opened in 1962 and covered the town, which still shows its head when the water level is low, displaying its famous Romanesque bell tower.

The town covered with balloons

If you ever have the chance to witness the Ram Market International Balloon Tournament, don’t think twice. The sky is filled with colours and the town of Vic becomes even more beautiful, if such a thing were possible. This is the oldest aerostatic balloon festival in the country, so it can be said that this event has become quite a tradition.

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