Rest and enjoy fine dining in our gastronomic hotels

The secrets of good food lie within their four walls. The gastronomic hotels in Catalonia are made up of more than 45 places to stay spread throughout the territory and which specialise in Catalan cuisine and the use of local products.

These are boutique hotels (they can have a maximum of 60 rooms and 120 places) which provide a family atmosphere and service, and guarantee a comfortable stay. The accommodation in this selection can range from guesthouses to five-star hotels, to suit the preferences of all types of guests.

Quality Products and Cuisine

The gastronomic hotels promote authentic, traditional and at the same time creative cuisine. The kitchens of these establishments follow the seasons and use good quality, fresh and local products which are characteristic of their local area, recognised with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) official seals.

Comfort, rest and fine dining. What more could a “foodie” ask for at a hotel?


Discover some recipes from the gastronomic hotels of Catalonia