Miravinya: explore Penedès

If you love Penedès and want to get more deeply acquainted with it, all you need is a car and the desire to start an adventure. Enoturisme Penedès takes you on a journey to discover the nature, culture and history of the Penedès wine landscape in your own way.*

This itinerary organized around five vantage points (the Miravinya) will take you through the Penedès DO vineyards and wineries. You can visit the wineries at your own pace and enjoy the views… you’ll discover why this area is so special.

The itinerary offers an audio guide for more complete information.

*We recommend checking Covid-19 restrictions before travelling. Please note that some activities may be disrupted due to the prevention measures in place.

When: Year-round

Organized by: Enoturisme Penedès

Carrer Hermenegild Clascar, 2

08720 Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona)

Tel. + 34 938 170 160