Catalonia, a gastronomic destination by the sea and the mountains

The most delicious way to travel around Catalonia is to savour our cuisine along the way. Catalan cuisine provides a tasty portrait that shows you the diverse landscapes of this small region, where the sea and the mountains harmoniously coexist.

Sitting at a table and tasting our products and recipes you will be able to visit every corner of the Catalan territory. We are a region full of gastronomic treasures coming from both the sea and the land, and which vary depending on the time of year. Our chefs make the most of these rich ingredients and diversity to create attractive menus in restaurants, which evolve throughout the year by incorporating new dishes that reflect the passing of the months and the change of seasons.

Within the Catalan gastronomic scene, restaurants that celebrate creativity and innovation coexist with those which defend the traditional culinary heritage which identifies and defines us. An authentic, traditional and at the same time creative cuisine, made with quality products.

Products with Official Seals 

For their excellence and personality, we have many products that have the official European seal of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Both certificates are awarded to classic local products with deep roots in a region that gives them a specific character and an inimitable taste.

Crevette de Palamós / Cristian García

Palamós prawns / Cristian García

Historic Wines

Catalan wines also deserve special mention. It was the Greeks who introduced the cultivation of the vineyard in the Empordà, and then the Romans went on to extend it to the lands of the south. Since then wines have been a significant element of Catalan cuisine. Tasting some of the 11 designation of origin wines and 1 for Cava is synonymous to getting to know the particularities of each landscape, the climate and the culture of each region where the vines grow and where the wineries that produce them are located. “Whoever knows how to taste, never drinks wine, but tastes secrets”, as the great Salvador Dalí once said.

Book a table and enjoy the gastronomic landscape of Catalonia.