Art and charcuterie in Vic

Vic has art at its Episcopal Museum and also in its cuisine. Enjoy a day combining medieval culture and artisanal charcuterie with a long tradition.

First you will visit the museum’s Romanesque and Gothic art collections. Then you’ll stop at the Vic Cathedral where you will climb its Romanesque bell tower, one of the oldest and best preserved in Catalonia.

The visit will continue to Casa Riera Ordeix, an artisanal charcuterie company that has produced the well-known llonganissa de Vic (Catalan dry-cured pork sausage) for more than 163 years. Here you will learn about their sausage-making process and afterwards you will sample this sausage, the gastronomic ambassador of the city of Vic.

When: Year-round. Individuals, Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Groups to be arranged

Where: Episcopal Museum of Vic

Plaça Bisbe Oliba, 3

08500 Vic (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 938 869 360

Casa Riera Ordeix

Plaça dels Sants Màrtirs, 14

08500 Vic (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 938 893 034