A year of unique activities

The Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is to host three exhibitions about Domènech i Montaner’s work:

The historical mosaics of the Administration Pavilion

This is a unique opportunity to see the hidden mosaics on the front of the Administration Pavilion. They are all presented with full details and explanations so that you can learn about the historical context of the scenes and characters depicted. You will also find out about Domènech i Montaner’s creative context, the historical periods selected and the artists who produced them. This exhibition is an in-depth approach to mosaic as a decorative technique featuring life-size detail images.

When: April to August

Where: Hippostyle Hall at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site


Hospital architecture studied by Domènech i Montaner

This exhibition is a comprehensive collection of the plans and details of some of the 240 hospitals around the world which Domènech i Montaner studied before designing the Hospital de Santa Creu i Sant Pau in the early 20th century. The exhibition gives you an idea of how hospital architecture was evolving at the time.

Besides using them as a guide or starting point, Domènech i Montaner also improved them with the latest innovations to build the cohesive, functional and stunningly beautiful Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

When: September to December

Where: Hippostyle Hall at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site


Domènech i Montaner’s plans in situ

This exhibition is a documented tour through a number of areas at the Art Nouveau Site which can be visited including the Administration Pavilion, the gardens, the underground galleries and the front of the Sant Rafael Pavilion. All these areas have high-quality copies of Domènech i Montaner’s plans on display: sketches, decorative details, exploded views, structural details and more. This means you can compare the plans and the actual built features they are for.

When: From March 2023

Where: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site