A Country Rich in Cuisine

Catalan cuisine has an extensive tradition, with remarkable players, famed since medieval times. Since the last few years of the 20th century, Catalan chefs have obtained recognition around the world, by adding value to raw materials and harnessing the flames of their stoves to their creativity. To be found throughout Catalonia, our chefs invite you to enjoy the pleasure of a good meal in restaurants with every style imaginable, from the most avant-garde cuisine to suggestions that preserve the classic recipe collection.

Catalan Cuisine

In this regard, the Marca Cuina Catalana (Catalan Cuisine Hallmark) project, promoted by the Institut Català de la Cuina (Institute of Catalan Cuisine), endorses the restaurants (around 170 in total) which feature traditional dishes in their menus and which are catalogued in the Corpus of Catalan Cuisine, a recipe book with more than 1,200 entries from our gastronomic heritage. This seal also offers quality and commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Cuisine Groups

The cuisine groups also seek to ensure this essence is preserved. There are more than 25 groups throughout Catalonia: they are made up of groups of chefs or restaurants and, in some cases, even agri-food producers, who base their gastronomy on the products, cuisine and customs of their surrounding area.

Slow Food

Catalonia is a great promoter of the Slow Food movement, a philosophy which advocates a gastronomy that is based on local products and a respect and love for seasonal dishes. Currently more than 50 restaurants throughout Catalonia are working to blend the pleasure of eating with responsibility, sustainability and harmony with the environment.

Have a seat, the table is laid for you to go around Catalonia and enjoy it one bite at a time.