10 reasons to discover wine tourism in Catalonia

The history of the vineyards and wine of Catalonia makes for a constellation of adventures, large and small, which, apart from great wines, has quietly and persistently shaped the landscape to its present form. There is no single wine landscape, there are as many landscapes as there are different wines from the twelve designation of origin varieties across the region. Landscapes that we encourage you to discover whilst enjoying the varied wine tourism offered by the more than 300 wineries which open their doors to visitors. Here you have 10 reasons why to do wine tourism in Catalonia.

1. More than two thousand years of wine-making history.

Parella degustant vi a l'Amfiteatre Tarragona amb el mar de fons / Marc Castellet

Couple tasting some wine at the Tarragona Amphitheatre with the sea in the background / Marc Castellet

2. Infinite wine microcosms.

Collita de la verema a Avinyonet del Penedès, amb el massís de Montserrat al fons / Maria Rosa Ferré

Grape harvesting in Avinyonet del Penedès, with the Montserrat massif in the background / Maria Rosa Ferré

3. More than 300 wineries where wines and Cavas can be discovered.

Dues parelles brindant davant del Celler Torres / Torres

Two couples raising a toast in front of the Torres Winery / Torres

4. Modernist wineries, veritable wine cathedrals.

Parella fent un sopar al celler modernista Adernats de Nulles / Marc Castellet

A couple having dinner at the Adernats de Nulles modernist winery / Marc Castellet

5. Prestigious, internationally renowned wines.

Tast amb enòleg entre vinyes de costers del Priorat amb Porrera al fons / Marc Castellet

Tasting with a winemaker in the coastal vineyards of Priorat with the village of Porrera in the background / Marc Castellet

6. Pairings with both traditional and avant-garde cuisine.

Maridatge amb formatges i productes de la terra a les bodegues Abadal

Pairing with cheeses and local products in the Abadal wineries

7. Barcelona as the epicentre of wine tourism activity.

Tast de vins a Barcelona / Nano Cañas/Herederos Julio Silvano Melanio.SL

Wine tasting in Barcelona / Nano Cañas / Herederos Julio Silvano Melanio.SL

8. High-quality accommodation and specialist services.

Reunió de negocis al Celler Avgvstvs Forvm / Gemma Miralda

Business meeting at the Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm winery / Gemma Miralda

9. Mediterranean lifestyle.

Mare i fills en un taller de verema en família recollint raïm a les vinyes / Marc Castellet

Two mothers and their children in a family grape harvest workshop, picking grapes in the vineyards / Marc Castellet

10. 12 designations of origin to understand the region and its wines.

Parella fent un tast de vins amb vistes de vinyes i Montserrat de fons a les bodegues Oller del Mas / Marc Castellet

Couple tasting wines with views of vineyards and the Montserrat mountain range in the background at the Oller del Mas wineries / Marc Castellet