All the things you can do in a hot air balloon

You’ve probably been to a lot of weddings and been told about a whole lot more, but none of them as daring as this one. Can you imagine getting married in a hot air balloon?

With Kon-tiki, who have been organising balloon flights all over Catalonia for more than 25 years, you can! Just contact them and tell them what you need for your wedding in the clouds. The baskets of their balloons can hold up to 16 people, room for the happy couple, their parents, the mayor and a few guests. Imagine saying ‘I do’ as you fly over the Serra del Cadí.

For all ages

Just because you go up in a balloon, it doesn’t mean you have to get married, though. You can go with friends or family, anyone over 5 years old, really. And you can choose from 12 routes in Catalonia or from amongst those organised in other parts of Spain. You can go along the coast or over the mountains, depending on your taste.

One of the most spectacular is through the Pirineus-Cerdanya region. You start in Bellver de Cerdanya and fly over the French and Catalan Pyrenees. In Catalonia, you go over the Serra del Cadí, the ski slopes of Masella and La Molina, and over Canigó on the French side. The trip combines flying low over green meadows and tiny villages like Pi and Prullans, with high flying above 2,000 metres. The trip lasts around an hour and a quarter, and you’ll love every minute of it.

Sobrevolant els Pirineus de Catalunya.

Wheelchair accessible

The sky’s the limit with Kon-tiki. They have wheelchair-accessible balloons so you can enjoy a ride even if you have a mobility problem. Give them a call and explain your needs to them. Thanks to their adapted baskets, you can enjoy the splendid views of Catalonia.

The airborne wedding was probably a surprise, but getting married isn’t all you can do in a balloon. Fancy finding out what else?

Sobrevolant el Castell de Segarra a Lleida